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College Funding

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of your child’s education, based on the variables you input.

IRA Eligibility

Use this calculator to determine whether you qualify for the different types of IRAs.

Mortgage Acceleration

This calculator can help you determine how soon you can pay off your mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing

Determine whether you should consider refinancing your mortgage.

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Roth 401(k) News: Is It Time to Rethink How You Save for Retirement?

High-income participants will not be allowed to make pre-tax catch-up contributions to a traditional 401(k) or similar plan starting in 2026, but they will be able to contribute to a workplace Roth.

The Federal Reserve’s Key Meeting Dates in 2024

This article outlines the Federal Reserve’s three main objectives and provides the meeting schedule of the Federal Open Market Committee.

Time to Bulk Up Your Emergency Fund

A financial crisis can strike when least expected, so it’s important to have a sufficient emergency fund. This article offers some suggestions to help increase a fund before it’s needed.

HOT TOPIC: International Investing: The Diverging Fortunes of China and Japan

Investing Internationally can help increase portfolio diversification and provide access to opportunities that may differ from those in the United States.

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